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Jen & Timkins at PPG Jen & Timkins

Jen & Timkins

Timkins, Tito, & Pepper Timkins over 40 and retired


Frosty & Jen

Frosty with Krystin at first show All dressed up

Frosty & Rachelle

Frosty & Krystin, Sue Boyle, Devon & Jenny Frosty and ??

Party Time!

Jeff, Frosty, Jenn, Timkins

Jumbo & Sue Sandy & Frosty

Sandy & Tex

Sandy Z. on Tex, Sandy M. on King Sue & Cookie

Karin, Deanna, and Regency on Halloween

Jen seems to get in lots of the general horse and Pony Club photos so here are a few

Extra photos of Jeff

Jeff and Twinkles

Jeff and Trinket Go for it!
Jeff & Jake the Snake
Jeff & Jake the Snake

Jeff and Bandit Young Jeff and Bandit
Jeff with Weanlings in 2000

In Albion Colours!

Sinbad and Rebecca Simon and Jessica Lucky and Cory

Albion at PPG
Lucky & Cory, Simon & Jessica, Frosty & Rachelle, Sinbad & Rebecca

"Our Crowd" at Pony Club
Frosty, Lyndsey & Domino, Gypsy, Jen on Bandit with Alfred (APC Mascot)

This place is goin' to the dogs!

Hershey Sue and Pepper Tito. Tired after a tough game of baseball
Can we come in?
Blackie, Bear, and Sneakers

More shots with Jen and/or Jeff

Jen and easy Girl at the Bar Jeff and Jen with Pookie in 1993 Jeff on Irish Cavalier, Karl on He's a wee bit Tipsy, and Jen on Piece of the Puzzle
Jen and Malibu just born Krystin and Kahula get last minute instructions from Jen Winter lesson. Jen instructing Rachel on Angel
Between Classes. Misty, Krystin, Katie, Jess, Jen Jen on Small Town Girl, Paula Rainford on Beauregard, and Jeff on Stardust Downtime at the event. Jen and Jess

This 'n That

Bess Kaitlan on She's All That Karin on Crowd Control
Krystin with Power Steering and Kali. Just born Brooke on Lightning. First Horse Show. New School horse??
Meaghan on Pumpkin
Giddy Up Go!
Retired school horse Nugget at her new home.
Yes, I LIKE bran mash.
Piece of the Puzzle
Regency Fire
Steph and Hercules Allison on Campsie's Wee Mist Supper anyone?
Toddy, Gator, Maverick
Amy on Reba, Charlotte on Misty, Mac on G.T. and Maddie on Lucky Kristyn and Cause for Applause Mackenzie and Elfen
  Molly and Campsies Wee Mist